Friday, August 3, 2012

Baby Things We Couldn't Live Without

Baby Things We Couldn't Live Without

*A few of our favorite things are listed below, along with why they got honorable mention. This may be helpful to those of you who find yourself shopping for a new little one of your own or a loved one.

Boppy Pillow

By far, the best invention ever! Ryan had acid reflux when she was born & sleeping on this little piece of heaven let both her & I rest through the night. It provided just enough incline for her to get peaceful rest. And, now that she is bigger- it serves well as support for her as she learns to sit on her own.


These clothes are the greatest - these clothes were given to Ryan as a gift & will remain a staple in her wardrobe. Worth noting... they are hassle free to order over the web, provide a line of earth-friendly clothing, & have numerous options for preemies. Ryan was only 5lbs when we came home from the hospital. Most of the newborn clothes I had were still too big, preemie clothes were tough to find, and getting out to shop was the last thing on my mind.

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing - My Little Snug-a-Bunny

A great baby shower gift! Perfect for when mom is at her witts end and baby needs some soothing or sometimes when you just need to have your arms free for a few minutes.


The bouncer is something I may have not considered a must have, until a close friend gave me hers. Long lasting fun for infants & gives parents a break so they can get a few things done around the house while entertaining the little one.

Graco Pack-N-Play "Erin"

We are still growing into all the uses this unit will have. I am a big fan of this one in particular because the changer is great-- sturdy & safe; it has excellent storage; the wheels make it easy to move around when need be; and the mobile is adorable. Oh, and did I mention it was reasonably priced? Gotta love that!
Graco Element Pack n Play - Erin.Opens in a new window

Eddie Bauer Heritage Tote Diaper Bag - Green

This has proven to be worth it's weight in gold, sometimes it can be heavy :). Lots of pockets, not too flashy, the strap is great because you can wear it as a messenger bag, and it matches everything & everyone who may be carrying it. I love it because it doesn't scream baby. Personally, I'm a sensible girl & don't believe that everything must do so.

Bath Books

This is one of our newest favorites. Ryan threw her first fit the other day when I tried to take it away & call quits on bath time... she was getting prunie! I've heard from friends that their little ones have had the same reaction.

Soon I'll be touching on the best travel system ever, my research on jumpers/walkers, and plans for conversion car seats. Ryan is growing :)

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